The Mummy Theme Park (2000)

Wow. This is one of the strangest and most eccentric films I’ve ever seen.  It boggles the mind with its sheer weirdness and its odd sense of style.  I know it doesn’t get a lot of love from critics or the audience reviews, but there is something about this film that is so unique, so […]

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El monstruo de los volcanes (1963)

(literal title: The Monster of the Volcano) Honorable Mention Welcome to Mexico’s first Yeti movie. And it proves to be pretty much what you’d expect: brave hero, beautiful young girl, familiar horror elements we’ve seen in other non-Mexican films, and, of course, a big, silly-looking monster. A group of engineers are trying to construct a […]

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Se tutte le donne del mondo… (Operazione Paradiso) [Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die] (1966)

[Literal Translation: If All the Women in the World… (Operation Paradise)] We’ve heard that art imitates life. And a parody is, of course based on the original work. But sometimes it works the other way. Take Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die, for example: it’s a lighthearted parody of the James Bond films, right?  […]

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