Terminal Entry (1987)

Honorable (mostly) Mention   Now there’s a rare piece of truth in Advertising. I know it is hard to believe, but this poster sums up Terminal Entry with uncanny accuracy. After all, right up front, we have soldiers and explosions.  Then, in the center a giant computer screen.  And looming over that… A kid in […]

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Supersonic Saucer (1956)

I sometimes wonder, when I am watching a children’s film, whether any child out there would actually be entertained by it. That is certainly my reaction to Supersonic Saucer. Mind you, I may just be grumpy because the same footage of the eponymous “Saucer” keeps getting reused over and over.  With the exact same music […]

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The Halfway House (2004)

Hoo Boy. Some of these films, I tell you… Now I suppose it’s worth noting that this one was directed by Kenneth J. Hall, a long-time special effects guy who worked on a lot of movies, including Critters but is also remembered for directing a rip-off of The Wasp Woman for Fred Olen Ray called […]

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Beyond Atlantis (1973)

The first warning, of course, was seeing Eddie Romero’s name emblazoned proudly at the beginning of the credits. Back in the Seventies, Eddie had this incredible epiphany which revealed to him that the Philippines had one incredible selling point for film makers and investors: You could make movies there really, really cheaply. So he churned […]

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Decoys (2004)

This is the Sci Fi network’s take on Species. As with any big generalization, that statement isn’t entirely true. But it works as a quick summary. And yes, it did come out not too long after the second Species film. Luke and Roger are students at a small college in Canada who are both hard […]

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Chompy & the Girls (2021)

Jackson is having a very bad day. The kind of day where your attempt to commit suicide fails because your ceiling fan just isn’t up to the job. So she decides this is the perfect time to get in touch with her long, lost Father — even though he has no idea he has a […]

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