Ji Di Zhui Ji [12 Hours] (2022)

(aka, Polar Pursuit) Okay, I’ll admit it. Twelve Hours feels a lot like winning the big Jackpot. Yeah, yeah, I know I grumble all the time about all those Chinese made science fiction and horror films which keep appearing on Youku’s Youtube channel.  About how they have all these great effects, potentially interesting storylines and […]

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Dark Nemesis (2011)

(aka, The Dark Knight, Ferocious) I’m willing to forgive a lot of sins when it comes to what I like to call a “Garage Band” movie. By that, I mean a film made with far more love than money, by a tiny group of people working out of their garage. Not that I haven’t seen […]

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Bigfoot (2012)

Look.  You saw the Asylum’s name on this one.  And the SyFy Network’s.  So you shouldn’t be surprised. I know it’s called “Bigfoot.” It is still a King Kong rip-off. I’ve never seen a Bigfoot this big before, but it really comes as no surprise when he climbs a certain famous monument. We’ve seen that […]

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Cosmos (2019)

This is an absolutely engrossing and exciting film which consists almost entirely of three guys sitting in a car talking. Yes, you read that right. What makes this an even more remarkable film is that it was made by two brothers with a little help from their Mom, a crew of three and four actors […]

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Triclops (2016)

Triclops has what must be Brett Piper’s finest hour. Now, for those of you who haven’t been paying attention, Brett is the last of the great stop-motion animators, a meticulous craftsman who creates some of the finest B-Movies anyone has made since the Fifties. And in Triclops, we get to see the titular beast — […]

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Wolfblood (1925)

It can be almost comic to find out what science believed even a short time ago. Although the movies aren’t exactly the best guide for that. Wolfblood has been called the first werewolf movie.  This is more or less sorta true, although not in the sense you think that should mean.  It is also not […]

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