Future Fear (Stellanomicon: Future Fear) (2021)

Why do these things keep happening? I was in the mood for a terrible, Grade Z movie — you know, the sort of thing Wild Eye Releasing puts out? — and watched one of their more recent offerings because their product description sounded like it might at least be entertaining: “In a distant future, an […]

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Los platillos voladores (1956)

(Literal translation: The Flying Saucers) Honorable Mention I’ll confess that Mexican cinema is one of those areas I haven’t spent much time exploring. Which, of course, means that I keep finding a few interesting films to watch. Heck, some of them, like El monstruo resucitado [Monster](1953), are quite good. Fortunately, I don’t have to do all […]

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Monster Force Zero (2019)

Fanboys. This is a movie for Fanboys, about Fanboys and by Fanboys. And it never really tries to be much more than that. It is every fanboys dream:  “A.I” Cashill created his own self-published comic book with the help of his friends, and they’ve all gone to a big Sci Fi convention to promote their […]

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Erratum 2037 (2020)

“There’s one more thing I didn’t understand…” This is wild, funny and very witty film, full of surprises and clever ideas. It is just hard to believe that it was made by three teen-aged brothers, that’s all. Now, let’s get this straight right now:  if you think every movie made needs to be Hollywood  perfect, […]

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