Death Collector 1988)

Right. Westerns. Let’s face it, they’re dead and gone.  People keep trying to revive them, we’ve got one or two good movies along the way, but the reality is, the Western is dead.  Finished.  Kaput. Which didn’t stop people from trying to make space Westerns, like Outland, Space Rage, Oblivion, and (best of all) Firefly.  Nor […]

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Aidan 5 (2009–2018)

I stumbled on this one by accident. It was a video on, one that was poorly labeled, and was obviously from somewhere in the middle of a much longer story. But, as soon as I saw it, it had me hooked. Aidan 5 doesn’t look like anything you’ve seen before, even if it isn’t […]

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Vortex (1982)

It was called “No Wave Film.” Although that wasn’t the official name: it was borrowed from the No Wave underground music movement which was already growing at the time and involved many of the same people. Some people called it the “New Cinema,” which was actually the name of the theater which showed these films. […]

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The Peacemakers (2021)

Substance use is recommended for this film. But for Legal Issues we’ve changed the statement above. Substance use is not recommended by this film. You have to admit that isn’t the usual opening credit for a movie…. This little independent from New Zealand is another odd one. But at least it is very funny. Two […]

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Reminiscence (2021)

What we have here is a classic Film Noir Private Eye drama. At least if you ignore the fact that this is a science fiction film. Now this is hardly a unique combination — Blade Runner did it back in the Eighties — and did it better than anyone else has since. However, Reminiscence sets […]

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Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001)

You have to give people credit for trying. In the early Nothings or thereabouts, there were a number of animated American Feature films aimed at an older audience, which all featured Science Fiction and Fantasy elements. These were all rather obviously inspired by the growing Anime boom, and included such films as Titan A.E., The […]

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Underworld (1985)

(aka Transmutations) What we have here is: Clive Barker’s first feature film credit (for story and screenwriting). Only he hated the results and disavows it. One of the first films from Charles Band’s Empire Films. Only it wasn’t actually produced by Empire and Band merely distributed it. And we might also note that it is […]

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After We Leave (2019)

This one wasn’t what I expected. Jack Chaney is back and he’s looking for his wife. He left without explanation years ago and never tried to get in touch. But now he has a visa to the new colonies on other worlds. It’s his only chance to escape from the decay which has set in […]

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