Brain 17 (1982)

(aka Revenge of the Defenders, Daitetsujin Wan-Sebun.  Literal Translation: Iron Robot 17) It was such an Eighties thing. Take a Japanese children’s TV series and distill all its weirdness into an hour and a half so you could sell it as a movie. Simple, right? Even when it is 35 half-hour episodes. Well, it’s actually […]

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Swords of the Space Ark (1981)

(aka, Message from Outer Space, Space Ninja) One of the first cloned copies of Star Wars which came out after the release of the George Lucas classic was Message from Outer Space, a strange and colorful Japanese film whose most memorable element was its spaceship in the form of a square-rigged sailing vessel, complete with […]

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Strawberry Mansion (2021)

It is very difficult to classify Strawberry Mansion. It has a science fictional setting, a very retro near future where the protagonist drives a first generation Corvair and works as a tax auditor, assessing how much people owe for their dreams.  On the other hand, some would describe this as more of a fantasy, as […]

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Hatched (2021)

We’ve all had family outings like this: No one’s heard from Uncle Mark for a while — you know, the one who locked himself up in his country house and told everyone to stay away — so a family sets out to see what’s going on. Unfortunately, it proves to be a rather…awkward family reunion […]

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Dinosaur Island (2014)

I think the word we want here is “pleasant.” Seriously.  This is a nice little family film, about a boy getting sucked into some strange, otherworldly space outside of time.  There he finds countless wrecked ships and aircraft, as well as a wide assortment of animals from all times and places. Including dinosaurs, naturally. Oh, […]

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