Abigail (2019)

There are moments when the movie you are watching seems to eerily predict future events. Consider Abigail: here we have a Russian film released in 2019, set in an alternate, locked-in world, where everyone goes in terror of a mysterious disease which shows no symptoms in the infected. Not in its earliest stage, at least. […]

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The Device (2014)

Someone just pointed out to me the similarities between the stories about fairies in the old legends (which aren’t as delightful as the modern version) and the typical accounts of alien abduction and UFO encounters. Certainly, the traits given the aliens in these stories are clearly supernatural:  they pass through walls and cannot be stopped […]

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Wizards (1977)

Perhaps the strangest thing about this very strange film is that former underground animator, Ralph Bakshi, thought that he was making a family film. It is also very hard to figure where to classify this one.  We have a post-apocalyptic world, with robot armies and a villain who has recovered some of the ancients’ weapons […]

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