The Return of the Living Dead (1985)

It can be so hard to tell whether a zombie film is science fiction or not. Take The Return of the Living Dead: we have the usual government secret weapon, we have barrels full of zombies, and the usual accidental release. But this time around, those darn zombies don’t seem to have any physical constraints […]

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Black Friday (2021)

It’s Thanksgiving night and one of the most important days of the year is about to begin: Black Friday! Well, it’s important if you happen to be running a big, strip mall Toy Store, and your bosses expect you to make a lot of money before the store closes for the day. A lot of […]

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Maximum Overdrive (1986)

When Stephen King was asked why he hadn’t directed another film since Maximum Overdrive, he supposedly replied, “Just watch Maximum Overdrive.” And he once claimed that he was so high on cocaine during the shoot that sometimes he had no idea what he was doing. But, darn it, I still like this one. Look, the […]

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