Le navire étoile [The Spaceship] (1962)

I have to confess that if this were an American film, I’d probably have guessed that Le navire étoile had been made in the Fifties. And yes, if you’d told me it was a TV movie, I would still have thought it came from the Fifties. After all, we are talking about a film in […]

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The Rising Light (2013)

I’m really not sure what to make of this one. Certainly the blurb on the posters isn’t any help.  Whatever else we’re talking about here, it isn’t “A Science Fiction Road Picture.” Admittedly, that term “road picture” has strayed a bit from its origins with the endless series of “Road To…” movies Bing Crosby and […]

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The Sleeper (2007)

Ah, yes, the mixed reaction. I’ve ended up watching several of Drew Maxwell’s ultra-low budget films lately.  I was reasonably impressed by his Dark Nemesis (2011), and went in search of his other films.  I was mildly surprised to learn that he also directed a film I’d already watched, the mostly okay but unmemorable Guardians, […]

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Doctor Blood’s Coffin (1961)

I guess you never quite know what to expect from a British film. If I gave you a simple plot description of this one, you might get the impression that it was some sort of Frankenstein story. Well…technically it is.  Mostly. But it sure doesn’t look like one. Doctor Peter Blood is an incredibly brilliant […]

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Portal Runner (2021)

Not every film needs to be brilliant. Instead, what we all long for, what the little kid in all of us is really looking for, is an all too brief moment of fun, a few minutes of cinematic escapism, with no need for earth shaking themes or heavy drama.  We just want to be thrilled, […]

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Open Grave (2013)

A man (Sharlto Copley) wakes up in a pit full of dead bodies. He has no memory of who he is or how he got there.  When he climbs out and finds a handful of others in a nearby house, he discovers that none of them remember who they are, either. The house is well […]

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Welcome to Willits (2016)

(aka, Alien Hunter) Honorable Mention I’m not sure I would call Welcome to Willits a horror comedy. Yeah, I know a lot of people are calling it that.  There are funny moments, and there’s a fundamental absurdity to the whole concept of this film (although it takes those absurdities seriously).  But I still wouldn’t call […]

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