Ghost Source Zero (2017)

I am in the minority on this one. Ghost Source Zero has generally received rather poor reviews and I’ll admit you could list quite a catalog of flaws if you chose. But then, that’s true of a lot of low-budget and Independent films. However, this is a remarkably intelligent film, filled with all sorts of […]

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Norman (2020)

I’m speechless. You never know, when you watch the latest Indie film, exactly what to expect.  Even if you’ve read the canned plot summaries and seen a few stills and the poster.  Every once in a while some incredible young filmmaker comes along and completely destroys your expectations, giving you the film you never would […]

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Sentinel 2099 SE (2018)

I have to admit it makes my day when I open a new DVD and find inside a short full-color mini-comic book. Not only is it a fun little extra, but it suggests that someone put in some overtime creating extra layers of depth to its world. More than most SF films do, perhaps. This […]

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Music of the Spheres (1984)

There are some films out there that are so curious it is hard to know what to think of them. Somehow, it seems like a lot of them ended up on video back in the Eighties. Music of the Spheres was one of those films funded by the Canadian government.  They used to fund lots […]

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A Living Dog (2019)

“Realism is a form of hypocrisy. We are telling stories that take place in simulated worlds. Genre films like scifi, fantasy or horror are just more honest about that.” “I wanted to make A LIVING DOG not only because I love genre films and independent films but also because I admire silent movies and the […]

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The Dead Don’t Die (2019)

Let’s see if we got this right: The zombie Apocalypse is caused by… Pumping water into the ground. Ummmmmmm… Right. Okay, it’s referred to as “POLAR FRACKING” (cue sinister organ chord) and is meant to be be scary.  Really scary.  Somehow it changed the Earth’s rotation.  But ultimately that’s all fracking is: Pumping water into […]

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It Came from Outer Space (1953)

This is one of the great classics of Science Fiction film. Which doesn’t stop me from taking a moment for a purely personal note: This marks my Eight-Hundredth review since I published my first (Nothing But The Night) on January 28, 2016.  It seemed a fantastic dream at the time and now it just seems […]

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