Pandora Machine (2004)

This was Andrew Bellware’s first science fiction film. I’d long had the impression that Millennium Crisis was his first, but three years earlier, he made this cyberpunk detective story about a cop and his partner trying to find an important politician’s murderer in a dystopian future. For those of you unfamiliar with his work, Bellware is one […]

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Scared to Death (1980)

I feel guilty. Director William Malone mortgaged his house,  and sold his car and almost everything he owned to make this film. Which doesn’t change the fact that I still think this one is dull. Dull, dull, dull. We get random, bloody killings piling up, mostly pretty girls in their underwear, with lots of blood. […]

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Doomwatch (1972)

When one looks at the giants of British Horror Cinema, one notes that Hammer Films turned out an impressive number of SF films, including their remakes of the legendary Quatermass serials and far too many Bikini Cavegirl movies.  Their closest competitor, Amicus, while they never made quite so many, did in fact contribute two Dr. […]

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The Medusa Touch (1978)

“I have a “gift” for disaster“ This one has been pretty much ignored and it seems a shame. It is one of those very Seventies sorts of films, admittedly, with a lot of ranting about how awful everything is — although it also seems to put that ranting in a very poor light, perhaps even […]

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Black Road (2016)

Somehow, while it would be easy to file Black Road under the heading of “Film Noir”, its cool, sunny Oregon coastal setting feels more like Paul Newman’s two movies based on Ross MacDonald’s Lew Archer novels – Harper and The Drowning Pool.  Which, yes, does seem a strange comparison for a movie set in a future […]

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