Hell Target [Heru Tageto] (1987)

If there is one thing in this world which is guaranteed, it is that, if you watch enough Eighties Science Fiction films, you are going to see an Alien rip-off. And, apparently, this was also true when it comes to Japanese Anime. After all, we have this OVA from 1987, about a spaceship responding to […]

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Watchers (1988)

Now most of Dean R. Koontz’s fans will tell you that the movies based on his books are all terrible. I haven’t read his work, beyond a graphic novel adaptation or two, so I’m not in a position to comment on how well they capture his work, but I found both Sole Survivor and Phantoms reasonably […]

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Hollow Man (2000)

The general opinion on this one is that it is pretty terrible. I honestly don’t understand why. It may not be brilliant, or what anyone expected, but it is a pretty decent thriller film, even if it must have cost a ton of money for all the special effects that went into it. Now I […]

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Shock Invasion (2010)

You never know what you’ll find next on Tubi. In this case, it was a very strange animated film which was almost entirely the work of a single — and singularly whacked out — creator, Frank Sudol. It’s quite difficult to explain his films.  All but one of them were made in an odd but […]

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Sky Sharks (2020)

We start out in a gentle sort of way, with the passengers and crew aboard an airliner en route to its destination, whom we get to meet and know before… (Drum roll) The sky sharks arrive! Which we knew was coming, even before we saw the trailer.  And it’s even cooler that there are Nazi […]

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Legion of the Night (1995)

(aka Dead City) There are, of course, various levels of cheap. At the bottom, we have the sort of thing so many directors started out doing, using their phones or home video cameras (or, back in the ancient past, Super 8) without much in the way of props or costumes, while the films made by […]

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Bloodsucker’s Planet (2019)

This is one of those films I love for its ambience and design — and the way it hearkens back to one of my favorite Sixties Science Fiction classics — more than I enjoy the film as a whole. Hey, it happens. Now I’m sure a lot of you might describe Bloodsucker’s Planet as a […]

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