Timeslip: The Block (1985)

As I noted elsewhere, Robert Holmes was one of the greatest writers in Doctor Who history.  While that is what he will be remembered for, he also wrote episodes for a number of other SF TV series, the story for a Sixties SF film and was involved in two further TV projects after he left […]

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Ghost Source Zero (2017)

I am in the minority on this one. Ghost Source Zero has generally received rather poor reviews and I’ll admit you could list quite a catalog of flaws if you chose. But then, that’s true of a lot of low-budget and Independent films. However, this is a remarkably intelligent film, filled with all sorts of […]

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Ganheddo [Gunhed] (1989)

James Cameron once described Gunhed as one of his favorite B-Movies. I have to agree with that assessment. Yeah, I know a lot of people out there have called this one terrible, or claim that they can’t understand the plot.  Frankly, that puzzles me, as it seems to be a mostly straightforward sort of affair: […]

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Hardware (1990)

This is probably the blackest, ugliest, most pessimistic SF film ever made. It is also the most punk cyberpunk film ever made. It explodes onto the screen in a ferocious blaze of color as a lone, masked nomad wanders through orange-tinted wastes, then buries us in a despairing, crumbling city on the edge of the […]

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Precognition [App for Life] (2018)

This was one of the selections from this year’s Sci Fi London Convention.  Now as I’ve noted before, many of the most interesting Indie films have shown there including such impressive efforts as Resolution, Yesterday Last Year, Avalon, and Nydenion.  So it is generally a good sign if a film becomes one of their official selections. Now, […]

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Fatal Future (2018)

This one surprised me. Perhaps the most wildly overdone subgenre out there in Indie SF these days is the deliberately bad film. As I’ve noted before, when one watches a genuinely inspired bad movie, we are seeing a film that came by its badness honestly.  The people who made it were trying to make a […]

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Split Second (1992)

Let’s get this straight:  this one doesn’t make a lot of sense. But I still managed to enjoy it. What we’ve got here is a dark, cyberpunk future, where London is flooded and Rutger Hauer is a seriously disturbed policeman on the track of a particularly nasty serial killer. It is also a buddy cop […]

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Max Headroom (1985)

(aka,Max Headroom:  The Original Story; Twenty Minutes into the Future) I always find it a touch amusing that one of the major sub-genres within science fiction (which tends to be a bit snobbish about being at its purest in print, as opposed to movies or TV) was born on the big screen. Blade Runner (1982) […]

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Sync (2012)

I suspect it may just be a momentary window of opportunity, but filmmakers these days have a number of new ways to market and distribute their work. Which is probably just as well when you remember how  the excellent but not exactly everyday viewer oriented Blade Runner 2049 got stuck on the biggest screens available for weeks even though […]

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Death Machine (1994)

I’ve added a new film to my list of best Alien ripoffs. But it isn’t a movie I’ve never seen before.  Instead, it’s a film I saw a few years ago and loved. I just never thought of how much it owed to Alien before (and probably wouldn’t have, if I hadn’t seen this article). […]

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