Tangent Room (2017)

One of those classic dramatic challenges is creating a story which takes place in a single confined location. Now, if you look at Aristotle’s Poetics you’ll note that his ideal drama features a single action which takes place within a single day in a single location, so it is a very old challenge, although the […]

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Infinity Chamber (2016)

2009 was one of the highwater marks for Science Fiction film:  the drought of SF triggered by the massive success of the Lord of the Rings trilogy ended with a sudden explosion of new films, both mainstream and independent. One of the best of those movies was an incredible deep space horror film named Pandorum. […]

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Domain (2016)

The Saharan Flu has wiped out most of the human race. Only a handful of chosen survivors have been put into small, self-contained habitats to wait out the end of the epidemic:  While they are all isolated in their own separate bunkers (to prevent the spread of the disease among them) and are in different […]

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Prisoner X (2016)

Have I mentioned before that I am a sucker for a good time travel film? Oh, right.  I have. Heck, I even enjoy schlocky time travel nonsense like A.P.E.X.  Plot holes and all. But Prisoner X is not one of those. A routine car accident leads to the capture of a terrorist crossing the Canadian border with ten pounds of […]

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Ejecta (2014)

A science fiction film by the guy who wrote Pontypool??? Generally, that seems to be what most people have to say about Ejecta.  After all, there have been almost as many movies about people who’ve been abducted by evil grey aliens as there have been zombie movies. Okay, maybe not quite that many, but still, […]

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