The Lair (2022)

It’s good to see Neil Marshall back. Not that he exactly went away.  But he’s had a hard time lately making the sorts of films which he loves to make. He vanished from the silver screen after his 2010 film Centurion into the world of television, and finally is making a comeback of sorts.  His Hellboy […]

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The Tommyknockers (1993)

There is a reaction I keep having to so many of Stephen King’s stories: … Now that looks familiar. I suppose I get the same reaction from many of Dean R. Koonz’s books as well.  If you read a lot of pulp fiction and seen even more “B” sci fi and horror (as King certainly […]

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Piranha 3DD (2012)

(aka, Piranha DD) You know how it goes. Someone out there recommends a film as a wild exploitation movie which is pure fun (this time around, I believe it was Mauler on one of his E.F.A.P. podcasts) and you actually go out and watch the thing. Let’s just say the results are…unpredictable. Now there are […]

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Shark Side of the Moon (2022)

Originals. Every streaming platform feels the need to put them out right now, it seems. But a free streaming platform like Tubi? Okay, I’m worried. You have to think about the economics of this all: they’re giving away their content, after all, and they already have one of the largest and most diverse catalogs in […]

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City of Rott 2 (2014)

There are some movies you know you are never ever, ever going to watch. Nope, wouldn’t even consider it, not for a moment. And yet, I don’t know how it happens, but you end up just giving in and watching them anyway. Take City of Rott 2, for example. I first learned about this one […]

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Cute Little Buggers (2017)

They’re at it again. You’d think the aliens would have something better to do by now than invade the Earth, but I guess it must be a tempting prospect: after all, we have something every self-respecting alien race wants. Women.  Lots of beautiful, genetically compatible females for them to breed with and produce a new […]

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