S.O.S. invasión (1969)

You see, there’s Susanna, an adventurous young woman whose love affairs have long entertained her Uncle.  But her latest is undoubtedly the strangest. She fell for Dr. Martin, a physician who is a little too interested in his female patients — or perhaps they are too interested in him! But his latest girlfriend, Marta, has […]

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Kin-dza-dza! (1986)

Mark’s 1000th Review! Help him celebrate by adding your comments and felicitations below! And by all means, settle back with your favorite vintage Soviet popcorn and watch one of his all time favorite Science Fiction films —  And yes, one of the all-time best, as well! Ku! An ordinary Muscovite, is on his way to […]

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Saving Star Wars (2004)

Honorable Mention It has to be every Star Wars fan’s worst nightmare: you try to deliver a letter from your critically ill son to George Lucas… And you end up knocking him cold by accident. Then, of course, there’s that whole kidnapping thing.  And tying George up in duct tape in his own apartment. Definitely […]

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Nothing Lasts Forever (1984)

Honorable Mention (…Well, part of it is science fiction. If you squint hard enough.) The same year that Ghostbusters came out, Bill Murray and Dan Ackroyd appeared in a comedy written and directed by one of the best writers from Saturday Night Live, Tom Schiller, in his feature film debut. But you’ve never seen it. […]

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Cosmic Blast (2018)

“Hey, come look at this part: My God it looks like a house!” You’ve got to love any movie that is this in your face about what it is.  Here’s a film with an estimated budget of 700 dollars, which was largely shot in an old house.  So what happens when a pair of loser scavengers […]

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As Time Goes by (1988)

I never thought I would see this one. But then, I’ve been saying that a lot lately. It was one of those films people talk about, but it wasn’t available. Not anywhere. Not here in the U.S., at least. Which seems a shame, really. It’s an easy-going, low-key comedy, which is dryly witty, charming and […]

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Bugged (1997)

This is a remarkably good Troma film. Which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good. You’ve probably guessed what it’s about from the title:  giant bugs However, we get off to a very slow start with one of the worst exposition and flashback laden sequences ever, as the representative of the company which needs to dispose of […]

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Snatchers (2020)

I’ll confess:  I have a weak spot for little films. I suppose it’s because we’ve seen so many overblown big tentpole films with skybeams surrounded by swirling clouds of rubble and impossible CGI stunts.  Let’s face it, those things are made by committee and it really doesn’t matter where in the world they shot it […]

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