Vicious Lips (1986)

(aka, Pleasure Planet, Lunar Madness) [Spoilers Ahead] Who knew the future had Eighties’ Girl Bands? Not to mention big hair, wild New Wave fashions and an incredible club scene. Look, some of these movies, you look at them and wonder, what were they thinking?  There’s an interesting movie here somewhere, but it just didn’t get […]

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Piranha Women (2022)

You have got to be kidding! There are moments which leave you wondering “what diseased mind came up with this?” And then there are moments like this one. Let’s face it: the moment it appeared on the screen, everyone in the room started laughing hysterically.  And for a very long time.  One of those laughs […]

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Deep Freeze (2001)

(aka, Ice Crawlers) One of the curious features of the modern B-Movie is the number of special effects experts who have gone on to direct movies.  Offhand, one thinks of people like David Allen, Chris Wallas and Brett Piper, although their number even includes a legend like Douglas Trumbull, who worked on 2001, then went […]

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The Arrival (1991)

(aka The Unwelcomed, Alienator 2) A meteorite crashes to Earth during Max Page’s 73rd Birthday party.  Only something survives and starts taking over Max. Before you know it, he’s rapidly getting younger and killing young women to drink their blood. Now the first real surprise here was seeing Richard Band’s name in the credits.  Richard […]

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Mansion of the Doomed (1976)

(aka Massacre Mansion, The Terror of Dr. Chaney, Eyes, Eyes of Dr. Chaney, House of Blood) It’s always interesting to see where people started out. This was prolific producer and director Charles Band‘s first horror film.  In fact, it was only his second film, with the first a parody porno film ripping off Brando’s Last […]

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Deadly Weapon (1989)

You really have to feel for Zeke. Raised by a drunken and abusive father, his mother left and doesn’t want anything to do with him, and he is constantly bullied by a group of older students. But things really get bad when he accidentally finds a top secret death ray which the military inadvertently lost […]

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Parasite (1982)

This one came with a thoroughly icky sort of reputation. Parasite was one of the films from that brief revival of 3-D in the early Eighties, using a new polarized projection system.  This all too short craze produced such classics as, well…Jaws 3-D, Friday the Thirteenth part Three, Nightmare on Elm Street part 3… Well, […]

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Trancers II (1991)

I’ll confess. I’ve avoided this film for a long time. After all, it was a sequel — and what’s more, a sequel made by Full Moon Features. Neither of those facts is exactly encouraging. Trancers actually came out under the Empire Pictures Banner, before Charles Band’s first production company went bankrupt. I suppose that’s why […]

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Trancers (1984)

At first glance, Trancers would seem a combination of a few high concept SF ideas with a mostly routine cop on the run drama. This is hardly an extraordinary combination and one might start wondering why this was one of Empire Pictures biggest hits — and why it spawned a long series of sequels, mostly […]

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