Loop (2021)

It’s amazing what you can do with very little. Consider Loop, an amazing eight-minute short film from Argentina which has been shown at an incredible number of film festivals and is now available on YouTube. Pablo Polledri, a prolific Argentinian filmmaker, wrote and directed this stunning exercise in limited animation:  Loop uses a driving score […]

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The Monster (2016)

Okay, it takes a while to get going. In fact, we are over a half an hour into the film before that monster finally makes an appearance. But it is not exactly wasted time as we learn a lot about the troubled relationship between Lizzy and her alcoholic mother Kathy.  They are on a trip […]

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Thirst (1979)

Honorable Mention There have been a lot of attempts to make scientifically plausible vampire stories. I’m sure you can probably think of some of the favorites: vampirism is a plague caused by a virus.  Vampires are aliens.  Vampires are mutants.  Vampires are monsters who have existed alongside man since the beginning of time. And I’m […]

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The Chain Reaction (1980)

Honorable Mention File this one under “black and brutal.” It’s called “Ozploitation”: for an all too brief moment, Australia turned out a stream of raw horror, thriller and genre films, movies like Road Games, Turkey Shoot (1982), Razorback, Dead End Drive-In (1986), Encounter At Raven’s Gate [Incident at Raven’s Gate] (1988)] and many, many others.  These […]

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Shock Invasion (2010)

You never know what you’ll find next on Tubi. In this case, it was a very strange animated film which was almost entirely the work of a single — and singularly whacked out — creator, Frank Sudol. It’s quite difficult to explain his films.  All but one of them were made in an odd but […]

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Alive (2002)

What a strange film. Or is it better described as two strange films in one? After all it starts out a psychological drama about two convicts in a secret prison, forced to take part in a secret experiment, — which mostly seems to involve waiting around for something to happen and possibly trying to kill […]

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