The Invisible Ray (1936)

“FOREWARD: Every scientific fact accepted today once burned as a fantastic fire in the mind of someone called mad.  Who are we on the youngest and smallest of planets to say that the INVISIBLE RAY is impossible to science? That which you are now to see is a theory whispered in the cloisters of science. […]

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The Devil Bat (1940)

Things are a lot harder than they used to be. At least if you are a mad scientist. These days you have to do a lot more research, talk about quantum mechanics or string theory and expect the legion of fanboys out there to complain if you get your formulas wrong.  But back in the […]

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The Ape Man (1943)

Mad scientists just aren’t like the rest of us. Just to give you an example, most of us aren’t willing to test out some new scientific development on ourselves, no matter how sure we are that it is going to work. And if we do, and we end up as some half-man, half ape thing, […]

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Return of the Ape Man (1944)

Let’s make this clear: this one has nothing whatsoever to do with Bela Lugosi’s 1943 film from Monogram, The Ape Man. This is hardly unheard of when we are talking about horror films from the Thirties and Forties, as neither Doctor X nor The Spider Woman had much to do with the “sequels” that bore […]

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Night Monster (1942)

Vibrations. You see, all matter is nothing but vibrations.  Modern Science has told us that.  But they weren’t the first ones to learn this.  Oh, no!  So, if you can learn the ancient science of the yogis — and yes, it was a science — then you can take matter apart and move it around […]

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Man Made Monster (1941)

A sideshow performer, Dan “The Electric Man” McCormick (Lon Chaney Jr.) survives when a bus crashes into high tension lines, thanks to a strange partial immunity he’s acquired to electric current from his act.  He agrees to take part in a few experiments to understand his gift, unaware the the good Scientist’s partner (played by […]

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Sting of Death (1965)

“Look!  Jellyfish!” “There’s more of them!” “They’re all over!” “They’re attacking!” I think this must be the single most absurd dialogue sequence I’ve heard in any film.  Even if the “attacking” jellyfish didn’t look like floating bits of brightly colored junk, this would sound silly. But when we’re talking not jellyfish, but Portuguese Man O’Wars? […]

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