Il disco volante [The Flying Saucer] 1964

When someone says “a science fiction film produced by Dino De Laurentiis,” I’m sure none of the images that come into your mind look anything like Il Disco Volante. I suppose that’s not an entire surprise as it would be four years before he would make Danger: Diabolik and Barbarella, and eighteen before Flash Gordon. […]

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Saturnalia (2022)

Look, I’ll admit it. I love everything Joshua Kennedy does. More than that, I know if I watch his latest film, I’m going to have a great time. It’s not that his films are as polished and perfect as that absolutely overblown blockbuster superhero flick you can watch at the theater in Dolby Atmos™.  It’s […]

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Killer Crocodile (1989)

So you’re in a swamp (on some unspecified tropical island) which is strewn with drums of toxic and nuclear waste, and you find a monstrous crocodile which is probably some sort of mutant… And your immediate response — after it eats one of your friends — is to try to keep everyone from killing the […]

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Alienator (1990)

A Death Row convict busts out of Space Prison and escapes to Earth.  They send a Terminator-like hunter to stop him. And there really isn’t that much more to this film. Which, admittedly, isn’t much of a surprise as Fred Olen Ray directed and it has the same sort of stripped-down, back to the B-Movie […]

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