Bugged (1997)

This is a remarkably good Troma film. Which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good. You’ve probably guessed what it’s about from the title:  giant bugs However, we get off to a very slow start with one of the worst exposition and flashback laden sequences ever, as the representative of the company which needs to dispose of […]

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Blood Machines (2019)

“Seth Ickerman” — who is really the French directing duo, Raphaël Hernandez and Savitri Joly-Gonfard — first came to my attention with the “trailer” for a film called “Ickerman,” which featured a dazzling combination of a high-tech future, a touch of Film Noir, and a lot of movie nostalgia.  I still hope they will get […]

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Battle: New York, Day 2 (2011)

There’s a terrible flash of light and most of the people in New York City vanish all at once. The few who are left have become mindless drones following the instructions of the big machines which have just arrived. Except there are a few survivors who haven’t joined the ranks of the zombie-like drones. And […]

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The Body Disappears (1941)

Edward Everett Horton, one of the most avuncular actors of the Thirties and Forties, as a mad scientist? It’s one of those thoughts you can’t dwell on for too long for fear it’ll cause serious brain damage. I suppose we could argue that he’s not so much “mad” as a bit obsessive, but that doesn’t […]

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BraveStorm (2017)

Okay, I’ll admit it. I love Giant Robots. Particularly the monster-sized, city-destroying variety, complete with missiles, laser beams, giant power swords and lots of working parts. So I will admit to a certain weakness for this one. After all, we have not one, but two Monster Robots, which aren’t only enormously detailed, but which actually […]

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