Earth vs. the Spider (2001)

I’ve ignored this one for years because it it isn’t what it is supposed to be. Well, at least if you judge it by its title. Now my previous attitude wasn’t entirely unfair: after all, that title is borrowed from Bert I. Gordon’s 1958 cheapie about teenagers, a cave and a giant spider. Which is […]

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Man Vs. (2015)

There is something simple and direct about this film which I like. Doug (Chris Diamantopoulos), the star of a survivalist TV series (based on the real shows, Survivorman and Man Vs. Wild) and his team set off to film the fist episode of their new season in an incredibly remote part of the Pacific Northwest […]

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Dark Universe (1993)

All right, let’s start with the strangest part of this film. This one starts out in space, with the shuttle Nautilus, a private vessel built by genius industrialist Rod Kendrick (played by Martin Sheen’s brother, Joe Estevez, whose voice you’ve probably heard if you think you just heard Martin in a commercial).  You are allowed […]

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Crocodile [Chorakhe] (1979)

There is  a basic rule in rip-offs: Say you are making a rip-off of a classic film like Jaws: sure, it makes senses to switch that shark for, say, a crocodile, but that isn’t enough.  Your monster has to be bigger, meaner and nastier than the creature in the original. But you are probably going […]

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Bigfoot (1970)

There are times when you suddenly realize you’ve seen a film before. I experienced this unexpectedly with Bigfoot: in the film, a group of Bigfoots tie a young woman between two big wooden posts, as an offering to the giant Bigfoot who lives higher up the mountain. And, of course, we’ve all seen that scene […]

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Glass Trap (2005)

This must be Fred Olen Ray’s best picture. Seriously. Glass Trap is a solid and entertaining little B-Monster Movie which doesn’t pretend to be anything else. And we all know how rare those are. It helps that its basic plot is equally classic — or “cliched” for those of you more cynical than I am. […]

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Terminal Invasion (2002)

It’s almost enough to make you want to cry. Here’s a SciFi Network movie from the days when they were still orthographically correct, which is as entertaining a “B” movie as you could ask for.  What’s more, it was even made specifically for the network and wasn’t — like some of their better offerings — […]

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Mongolian Death Worm (2010)

Hey, these things happen: It’s a SyFy Network original that is actually a half-decent B-Monster movie. And believe me, those are quite rare, SyFy or no SyFy. But then, as far as I can tell, this one didn’t come from SyFy’s usual bulk “original” providers, like The Asylum, Roger Corman or Fred Olen Ray. Now […]

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Monster (2008)

The Asylum is one of those names which is instantly familiar to those of us who’ve spent far too much time in video stores. Their specialty is what are known as “Mockbusters,” movies which are more or less similar to current or upcoming hit movies and which usually feature roughly similar artwork to the real […]

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The Green Slime (1968)

I’ll admit it. I like this one. I don’t care how many people call The Green Slime one of the worst films ever made. Okay, we’re talking about an Italian/Japanese/American co-production, so we know we’re already in trouble. And, if that isn’t enough, it’s actually a sequel — the fifth in a series. Well, more […]

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