Castle of Evil (1966)

This one is strange. The basic description looks very familiar:  a millionaire’s friends and associates gather on a secluded island for the reading of his will.  They have to stay overnight in the Castle to find out what they’ve won, but someone — or something — is trying to kill them off one by one. […]

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Pandora Machine (2004)

This was Andrew Bellware’s first science fiction film. I’d long had the impression that Millennium Crisis was his first, but three years earlier, he made this cyberpunk detective story about a cop and his partner trying to find an important politician’s murderer in a dystopian future. For those of you unfamiliar with his work, Bellware is one […]

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R.O.T.O.R. (1987)

(aka, Blue Steel) You know you are in trouble when a movie starts with almost fifteen minutes of:  narration; the hero’s wordless daily routine; a dancing robot; and a board (i.e., “bored”) meeting; and random people in a car arguing, with just a quick break for the hero getting arrested and starting to explain his […]

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Robot Revolution (2015)

As I noted in my review for Millennium Crisis, Andrew Bellware is one of those directors who intrigue me. He has made a career for himself turning out interesting micro-budgeted science fiction films that are strong on style and visuals, loaded with SF ideas, and extremely  ambitious considering their meager budgets.  He has his own micro […]

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Cutie Honey: Tears (2016)

It’s called “cognitive dissonance.” That’s the only phrase that begins to describe the sensation when you find a bleak film set in a dystopian future which is called “Cutie Honey.”  There’s something seriously wrong about the whole notion. In fact, “Cutie”  started out as the prototypical “magical girl” manga by Go Nagai, best known as […]

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Alien: Covenant (2017)

(Warning:  Spoilers Ahead!) Not long ago, I noted that the mad scientist film seems to have disappeared. It never was exactly a realistic sort of concept, and as modern film has skewed away from non-realistic styles like expressionism and surrealism, it seems further and further out of place. But that didn’t stop Ridley Scott. Curiously, […]

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Passengers (2016)

This is an absolutely amazing film. We’re talking about a film which takes us to an incredible place, a luxury spaceship enroute to a distant star, with its crew and passengers in suspended animation.  And “place” is the right word, as we are talking about a film that created this world not in some digitally […]

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