A Living Dog (2019)

“Realism is a form of hypocrisy. We are telling stories that take place in simulated worlds. Genre films like scifi, fantasy or horror are just more honest about that.” “I wanted to make A LIVING DOG not only because I love genre films and independent films but also because I admire silent movies and the […]

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Hidden (2015)

There is a steadily growing sub-genre of the post-Apocalyptic film centered around groups of survivors hiding in a shelter together.  One could point at A Quiet Place as one of the more successful examples although it isn’t  quite as confined as most of them (or perhaps one might say that the family’s confinement isn’t purely physical). […]

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Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

[Also referred to — inaccurately (even if it is in bigger type on the DVD cases and posters and advertised that way on Amazon) — by its  tagline, Live, Die, Repeat] Tom Cruise isn’t normally a star one associates with science fiction film, so it is remarkable, to say the least, that he made two […]

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A Quiet Place (2018)

It seems almost impossible, and yet there it is: A movie, in the twenty-first Century, without a word of dialogue in its first hour. The silence of this film is almost painful.  Early on, there is only the faintest hint of a score, and a sudden noise is enough to make the audience jump. We […]

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