Midnight Science (2021)

Oh, wow. This is an insanely great little film.  Why in the world haven’t I heard of this one before? Somehow it manages to combine the Y2K “virus,” Frankenstein level mad science, brain downloads, and the digital end of the world (in the year 2000) with… Eight bit videogames? It’s also a bit hard to […]

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Loop (2021)

It’s amazing what you can do with very little. Consider Loop, an amazing eight-minute short film from Argentina which has been shown at an incredible number of film festivals and is now available on YouTube. Pablo Polledri, a prolific Argentinian filmmaker, wrote and directed this stunning exercise in limited animation:  Loop uses a driving score […]

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Ultrasound (2021)

You know there is something wrong right from the beginning. A raging storm, a row of spikes set out on the road, a tire blows out, and a young man is forced to go to a neighboring house for help. Only the suspiciously helpful man he meets has a very strange request for him. As […]

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Paradox Lost (2021)

Part of the joy of seeking out new movies is finding the unexpected. Mind you, sometimes it isn’t just the movies which offer unexpected discoveries, but a good film will open up a view on a corner of the world we’ve never noticed before. And that’s certainly true of Paradox Lost, which is more than […]

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Claw (2021)

Let’s face it:  Claw is basically a goofy little comedy, with two friends stranded in the middle of nowhere taking shelter in an old Ghost Town. Where a crazed lone scientist just happens to be raising a prehistoric raptor. It doesn’t aspire (or pretend to aspire) to greater things.  It’s just a fun little movie […]

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