Professor Shanku O El Dorado [Professor Shanku and El Dorado] (2019)

You probably have never heard of Professor Shanku. However, in his native India, the famed Bengali director, Satyajit Ray, was not merely known for his movies, but for the many short stories he wrote. This included a lot of children’s stories, including the series starring the private detective, Feluda, and a series of science fiction […]

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Abigail (2019)

There are moments when the movie you are watching seems to eerily predict future events. Consider Abigail: here we have a Russian film released in 2019, set in an alternate, locked-in world, where everyone goes in terror of a mysterious disease which shows no symptoms in the infected. Not in its earliest stage, at least. […]

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As the Earth Turns (1938)

Look, I’m not sure I believe it either. But everything I can find says that this is, in fact, a lost Independent short film from 1938, a silent film made almost a decade into the sound era. The story is that Richard Lyford was an independent playwright and screenwriter who made nine award-winning Independent films […]

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Invasion Planet Earth (2019)

There’s a remarkable story behind this one. It’s writer/director Simon Cox wrote the script back in 1993 and spent years trying to get it produced.  He even tried to shoot it as a super-low budget DIY film before he finally got his funding. In fact, his DIY efforts were so good that the scenes he […]

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Monster Force Zero (2019)

Fanboys. This is a movie for Fanboys, about Fanboys and by Fanboys. And it never really tries to be much more than that. It is every fanboys dream:  “A.I” Cashill created his own self-published comic book with the help of his friends, and they’ve all gone to a big Sci Fi convention to promote their […]

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Automation (2019)

Poor Auto. He’s not working as well as he used to.  His battery is failing and a lot of his functions aren’t available any more.  It needs replaced and he’s been promised a new one, but it never seems to come. Unfortunately, he doesn’t realize that there is no battery coming.  He’s now obsolete and […]

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