Reborn (2018)

(aka, Jie ma you xi) A Chinese Hacker Thriller? Well, they have been making films in almost every Western genre — or subgenre.  So why not? Mind you, the classic Hacker Thriller has been a bit scarce lately even if it does surface again now and then. But that, once again leads us to the […]

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Back to the Moon (2018)

(aka, 360 Google Doodles/Spotlight Stories:  Back to the Moon) Honorable Mention George Melies holds a special place in the history of Science Fiction film, as his legendary short film, A Trip to the Moon is generally held to be the first Space flight movie. It is often called the oldest science fiction film as well, […]

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Mutant Blast (2018)

Outrageous. That is, of course, the first word that comes to mind. After all, Mutant Blast does not merely feature lots of absurd and over the top gore, but goes all out by throwing everything it can think of at the screen: super soldiers, “they’re not zombies,” mutants, a nuclear blast, a sinister secret government […]

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Aidan 5 (2009–2018)

I stumbled on this one by accident. It was a video on, one that was poorly labeled, and was obviously from somewhere in the middle of a much longer story. But, as soon as I saw it, it had me hooked. Aidan 5 doesn’t look like anything you’ve seen before, even if it isn’t […]

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Hollow Scream (2018)

When I heard the basic description of this one — billionaire plays a virtual reality game where he gets to be a serial killer, only he discovers that it may not be what it seems — I assumed that it would be something essentially similar to the underrated virtual reality thriller, Brainscan from back in […]

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Black Site (2018)

You never know what to expect from a Lovecraftian film. I mean, we all know the basics: the sheer horror of the abyss; beings older than our puny speck of a world; a cold, uncaring, multi-dimensional universe full of beings too powerful to even notice us, let alone care what happens to us Heck, you […]

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Skyvault (2018)

I’m sorry guys. I wanted to love this one so much. Now many of you have by now noticed my affection for those crazy young Texans over at Door Monster, who have given us years of clever and well-made Youtube comedy skits.  I gave them a shout out over at my blog, and reviewed their […]

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