Galaxy Lords (2018)

I want to like Galaxy Lords more than I do. That happens sometimes. The first thing you notice about the film is the look. Everything takes place against a green screen. While that’s all too common these days,here the backgrounds are extremely colorful and a touch unrealistic, giving the whole film a unique and very […]

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2.0 (2018)

“Human beings have only four preferences: TV, cinema, food and gossip” You know you are watching an Indian film when the scenes featuring the hero riding on a big flying bike only appear in the final dance number… For those of you coming in late, back in 2010, the enormously successful Indian producer and director, Shankar, […]

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Sentinel 2099 SE (2018)

I have to admit it makes my day when I open a new DVD and find inside a short full-color mini-comic book. Not only is it a fun little extra, but it suggests that someone put in some overtime creating extra layers of depth to its world. More than most SF films do, perhaps. This […]

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Freaks (2018)

Somehow, this one managed to fly under my radar. That’s unusual for an Indy film which has earned more that its share of critical praise. Not that I’m complaining: I’m always happy when a film like this comes out of nowhere and whacks me over the head. And what a strange and remarkable film this […]

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Elizabeth Harvest (2018)

It sounds so familiar: A young woman, swept off her feet by an older man, arrives at her fairy tale castle of an ultra-modern house.  Everything in it is hers, even the money in the safe — but there is one room where she is not allowed to go. But, of course, she looks.  And finds something […]

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Island Zero (2018)

We’ve got one of those all time classic set ups:  a tiny island off the Maine coast suddenly finds itself cut off from the rest of the world:  the ferry doesn’t show up, they can’t reach anyone on the radio and the phones aren’t working. And, of course, as this is your standard model horror […]

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Aquaman (2018)

This is not a superhero film.  Not even close. It’s Flash Gordon with gills. It’s all there: a fantastic new world full of wild, fin-covered “flying” vehicles, rayguns, and a strange collection of new races —  crab men, mer-men and those savage mutants from the deep. And the story?  Yep, that’s familiar, too.  Outsider hero […]

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Monster [Guàishòu] (2018)

Okay, that’s interesting, someone turning a classic John Wayne movie into a SF Creature Feature… …And even more interesting that it is from China. One of the greatest frustrations for those of us constantly on the search for interesting SF and Fantasy films we haven’t seen are the films we catch a tantalizing glimpse of […]

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Replicas (2018)

(Warning:  Spoilers ahead!) Some of these are just so frustrating. Now let’s get this straight:  this one isn’t exactly bad.  It is more that it has a sort of a bland okay-ness about it.  But then, that’s true of a lot of SF movies out there.  Perhaps more so than it used to be. We […]

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