Terra Formars (2016)

Michael Medved once said that the most difficult part of being a film critic was staying awake. When you see as many films as a professional critic, after all, most of them would start looking very, very familiar.  Oh, wow.  Another RomCom where the girl reconnects with an old flame.  It’s a professional hazard. Michael […]

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Triclops (2016)

Triclops has what must be Brett Piper’s finest hour. Now, for those of you who haven’t been paying attention, Brett is the last of the great stop-motion animators, a meticulous craftsman who creates some of the finest B-Movies anyone has made since the Fifties. And in Triclops, we get to see the titular beast — […]

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Cutie Honey: Tears (2016)

It’s called “cognitive dissonance.” That’s the only phrase that begins to describe the sensation when you find a bleak film set in a dystopian future which is called “Cutie Honey.”  There’s something seriously wrong about the whole notion. In fact, “Cutie”  started out as the prototypical “magical girl” manga by Go Nagai, best known as […]

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Diverge (2016)

Cold.  Mud.  Wind.  Endless expanses of mud flats reaching out into the hazy distance.  And off on the horizon? plumes of smoke and ruined cities. Something has gone wrong.  A devastating plague has eliminated most of the population, and sent most of the survivors into quarantine.  Only a few people manage to survive on their […]

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Moonshot (2016)

This is a very solid piece of work. Here we have a retro-Eighties short SF film, which manages in a very short span — a mere 21 minutes — to establish two interesting characters, build a fascinating future, throw in a bit of conflict, a few fights, and a trip to the moon in a […]

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Spectral (2016)

A DARPA scientist is suddenly called in to help the Special Forces troops caught in the middle of a civil war in Eastern Europe.  Something strange is killing their men — and it looks like ghosts! This one plays out a lot like a Call of Duty mission, with a team of commandos on a routine […]

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ARQ (2016)

A young inventor wakes up in bed with his girlfriend.  Moments later, masked men crash through the door and seize both of them.  They try to escape, but he gets shot… …And wakes up in bed, moments before the masked men crashed through the door. Of course, the basic idea of a time loop film […]

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Monster Trucks (2016)

I watched this one because a friend really, really wanted to see it. It should tell you something that I feel a need to make excuses for watching it. Mind you, you quickly get the idea that those involved are just a little ashamed of it all:  not only did the film get delayed repeatedly, […]

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Infinity Chamber (2016)

2009 was one of the highwater marks for Science Fiction film:  the drought of SF triggered by the massive success of the Lord of the Rings trilogy ended with a sudden explosion of new films, both mainstream and independent. One of the best of those movies was an incredible deep space horror film named Pandorum. […]

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