It Came from Another World! (2007)

This is one of the most important films in Christopher Mihm‘s Mihmiverse: The second one. Yes, we know making one movie, even the most inept and second-rate effort,  is very hard –and it is even harder when we’re talking a film as accomplished and well-made as Mihm’s The Monster of Phantom Lake.  But what really separates the men […]

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Millennium Crisis (2007)

Andrew Bellware is one of those directors who intrigues me. I’m not saying he’s a great director, or that he’s made any incredibly great films.  No, all I’m willing to say at this point is that he’s made several massively cheap SF films which are strange enough and have so many ideas that they stand […]

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Unearthed (2007)

A mysterious creature awakens in a remote desert community and proceeds to slaughter the locals. If it sounds familiar, it should.  This is a basic monster movie, with a lot of very familiar elements. And that monster is one of them:  it’s not a bad design, but it looks far too much like one of […]

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Bacterium (2007)

“Don’t do that!  Didn’t you see The Blob?” This one, despite a title which suggests something more Romero is actually Brett Piper‘s loving homage to The Blob.  Not that he doesn’t get more than a touch of George Romero in there as well. Of course, this is the Blob by way of the 1988 remake, a […]

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Splatter Beach (2007)

After a considerable amount of thought, I’ve decided that the problem with this film is that it is too good to be a Polonia Brothers film. Blame Brett Piper for that:  he was their DP on this film, and it shows.  After years of ragged, shot on grainy video efforts, we have a Polonia film […]

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The Whisperer in Darkness (2007)

This isn’t the version of The Whisperer in Darkness the HPLHS released in 2011.  And I should note, it isn’t as good. This is, of course, one of H.P. Lovecraft’s most famous stories – and with good reason.  The story starts with hints of something strange and monstrous, gradually becomes creepier, before finally ending on a horrific […]

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