Gyémántpiramis [Diamond Pyramid] (1985)

If there were any justice in the world of Cinema, you’d have heard of Andras Rajnai by now. And maybe even be his biggest fan. He was one of the most remarkable talents in the field of science fiction and fantasy film, and yet very few people have ever heard of him because he made […]

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Warning Sign (1985)

The most difficult problem with zombie movies is figuring out which ones are actually zombie movies. There is a major divide among the faithful over the traditional, lumbering classic Romero zombies, and the far more aggressive fast zombies, or rage zombies, popularized by 28 Days Later because so many fans refuse to accept these rage-filled […]

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Prime Risk (1985)

…And here we are, yet again, back to the hackers. One of the earliest examples, in fact. Although, to be fair, it is basically a rip-off of War Games (1983), which may be the earliest. Well, except for Tron.  And there are quite a few earlier thrillers out there about surveillance and wiretapping which might […]

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Real Genius (1985)

Honorable mention Real Genius is about the development of a death ray laser. And any picture of the film you’ve just imagined is probably completely wrong. Although, to be fair, the first few moments of the film would undoubtedly support those images, because we witness the launch of a cool, lifting body spaceship (which looks […]

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Savannah Electric Monochrome Dystopia [The Savannah Resistance; Savannah Electric] (1985)

I never thought I would see this film. And now, not only have I seen it, but I’ve seen two different versions of the film. When I first heard of it, under its original name, Savannah Electric Monochrome Dystopia (which I still prefer!), it was almost a myth, one of those tiny independent films you […]

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Abriendo fuego (1985)

(Literal translation: Opening Fire.  aka, Jungle of Death, En busca del astronauta Maya.  Literal translation: In Search of the Mayan Astronaut) I suppose it doesn’t help that I could only find a singularly bad rip of this rare Mexican film that actually had any sort of subtitles. And those were auto-translated auto-subs. But I still […]

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