The Dark (1979)

(Spoilers ahead!) Tobe Hooper’s career as a horror director wasn’t exactly littered with good choices. The Dark was definitely one of them. After all, he decided to leave the project early on. What we got seems routine enough — if you don’t look too closely.  We have the girl scientist who gets the reluctant guy […]

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Ravagers (1979)

There sure were a lot of post-Apocalyptic films in the Seventies! I really wouldn’t even want to guess how many. We tend to think of the genre as starting with Mad Max and The Road Warrior, but it goes the whole way back to the silent era, and they were pretty heavy on the ground […]

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Doctor Who: Shada (2017)

To date, I haven’t covered television shows or episodes of television shows, although I have at times covered TV movies, mini-series and BBC “series”. However, whatever else you may say about Shada, it is not merely another episode of Doctor Who.  Instead, it is more like the Lost Dutchman mine of the Who universe. After […]

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The Day Time Ended (1979)

The biggest problem with this one is that there just isn’t enough to it. That may seem a strange thing to say about a movie that features giant stop-motion alien monsters battling it out with each other; lots of alien spaceships in a dazzling number of designs; a “flying vacuum cleaner” drone; tiny leaping aliens; […]

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Men in Orbit (1979)

Film exists in a lot of odd little categories. Like any other art form, it can be driven by all sorts of strange circumstances, whether strong personalities, odd opportunities, or a particular place and time that brought certain things together. The results are often interesting, but rarely satisfying for outsiders. For about a decade (75-85 […]

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The Psychotronic Man (1979)

Imagine, a cult film that spawned an entire genre of trashy films… The Psychotronic Man was one of those one man band films, where the director, Jack M. Sell, also shot the film, edited it and co-wrote the script with his star, Peter  Spelson (who also produced.)  It stars no one you ever heard of, […]

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The Visitor (1979)

The biggest mystery about this film is what in the world are John Huston, Shelly Winters, Sam Peckinpah and Glenn Ford doing in it? It’s an odd Italian mash-up of The Omen and Close Encounters, with a little help from Star Wars and just a smidgen of The Birds. So why is it set in Atlanta, […]

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