Spawn of the Slithis (1978)

(aka Slithis) Think Jaws, with a gill man. We have the crusading reporter — even if he’s just an ex-reporter, teaching Journalism to High School students — who has uncovered the greatest story ever, only he can’t convince anyone that there’s a big, murderous creature on the loose, committing one atrocity after another. And, yes, […]

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The Boys from Brazil (1978)

It definitely gets your attention when a film stars Gregory Peck, Lawrence Olivier and James Mason, with a remarkable collection of great actors in minor roles, including Denholm Elliot, Michael Gough, legendary Radio star John Dehner, Academy Award winner Rosemary Harris, a very young Steve Guttenberg, and even (for those of us who care about […]

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Kontakt [Contact] (1978)

It’s simple enough: An artist goes out to enjoy a day in the country.  Unfortunately, while he’s soaking his feet in a beautiful pond, an alien arrives in his spaceship. Not long ago, I noted my indifference towards Russian animation.  Yes, I know it has a fan base, there’s clearly a bit of talent at […]

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The Lucifer Complex (1978)

This one is bad.  So bad that I have to wonder if it were intended as a pilot for a new TV series and when that failed, about thirty minutes of padding was added to turn it into a TV movie. Whatever the case, it’s bad. After twenty five minutes of a totally unrelated sequence […]

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Starcrash (1978)

This film was one of two which taught me back in the Eighties that Spaghetti Sci Fi has the unique gift of being as bad as you think it is. The first was War of the Robots, a typically cheap Star Wars rip off.  We were came in late on it and someone asked why […]

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King Kong (1978)

If you haven’t seen it yet, I strongly recommend that you check out the short film Super 8 Daze, by Rob Hampton. He’s a professional filmmaker who made a lot of short documentary films about pop culture, things like The Gong Show, The Planet of the Apes and  those classic Aurora model kits kids my age […]

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Piranha (1978)

This is generally considered the best ripoff of Jaws ever made. Admittedly, that doesn’t give it much competition as most of the Jaws copies out there have been very, very bad.  However, it really should be that much of a surprise that this one turned out better than most as it was directed by a […]

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Laserblast (1978)

This was one of those films trying to cash in on Star Wars right after it came out. Not that the film itself seems that much like Star Wars (although that really didn’t seem to be that important when it came to attempts to cash in).  However, the trailers did their best to emphasize the special […]

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