Deep Astronomy and the Romantic Sciences (2022)

I have no idea what to make of this film. And considering that this is the latest film to come from the fertile mind of performance artist and Indie director Cory McAbee, that’s a good thing.  He’s been making weird and innovative films and music videos for years now, not to mention several albums of […]

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Cybernator (1991)

The operative word here is “cheap.” You can tell it from the film quality (although I suppose it probably doesn’t help that the available copies all seem to be VHS rips); the cast of unknowns; the prevalence of location shooting; the plain, white rooms in so many indoors scenes; and the very fake looking weapons. […]

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Melchiad Koloman (1920)

Just a few days ago, Janne Waas, the brilliant young film reviewer behind what is the best science fiction movie review site on the Web today, Scifist, published his list of The Ten Worst Science Fiction Films Pre-1950. A list like this is always a lot of fun, as it gives us a wonderful opportunity […]

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Terrifying T-Rex (2022)

Some films leave you stuck forever with an image you know you will never get out of your brain. In Terrifying T-Rex, that moment comes fairly early in the film, when the enormously, ummmmm, “Body Positive” star of the film suddenly strips off her clothes and takes a shower. Revealing several acres of bare, flabby […]

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Bride of Re-Animator (1990)

I’ll confess that I am of two minds about Stuart Gordon. Now he started out with a few great films, like the first Re-Animator, From Beyond, and Robot Jox, only to sort of wither away into doing TV movies and foreign productions long after his name lost whatever luster it once had. Curiously, that seemed to […]

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