The Peacemakers (2021)

Substance use is recommended for this film.

But for Legal Issues we’ve changed the statement above.

Substance use is not recommended by this film.

You have to admit that isn’t the usual opening credit for a movie….

This little independent from New Zealand is another odd one.

But at least it is very funny.

Two mysterious agents from an alien race that tries to arrange for peace in the Galaxy arrive on Earth, in pursuit of another agent who came to Earth, but has defected and now refuses to leave.

But that’s the simple version.

The agents wear black uniforms, with double-breasted black raincoats, black bandage wrapped faces, and big, black floppy-brimmed fedoras with a color hat band — one blue, one green.

Little colored lights which match their hat band mark where their mouths and eyes should be.

And, when they arrive, they crawl out of what looks like a suitcase.

I suppose you could call this a buddy cop comedy, as the tough, hard-boiled and world weary older agent (Blue) tries to break in the raw new recruit assisting him.  If that wasn’t hard enough on its own, the two have to find some means to get around, locate a somewhere they can set up a headquarters, and figure out how to track down their prey, all while doing their best to fit into the world outside.

Unfortunately, things aren’t entirely what they seem.

And neither their training nor their intel has remotely prepared them for life on Earth.

The Blue Peacemaker seems to have walked right out of an old Film Noir from the Forties, and the plot certainly has hints of some of the darker, Fifties Noir entries.  There’s a bit of clever fish out of water comedy, a lot of funny byplay between the two, hints of dark conspiracies and questions about who the Peacemakers really are, and, of course, a few rather comic fights.  There are a lot of clever gimmicks, and a great visual sense at work (particularly when it comes to the basic design of the Peacemakers themselves, and their firearms, which are basically a light-up Peacemaker Colt rich with intricate engraving).

It even ends on a rather dark and Noir-ish moment, which seems all the darker because it is in such a goofy film.

This is a dark little comedy which is consistently entertaining yet manages to touch on a serious idea or two along the way.  And, what is even more remarkable, it does so on what I suspect was a decidedly minimal budget,

It’s an impressive effort, one which is somehow both likeable and yet intelligent.  Hopefully, we’ll be hearing more from first time writer/director Svyatoslav Nikitin one of these days.

We can always use more eccentric and entertaining Indie films.  You never know, if enough people start watching them, Hollywood might start paying attention.

As unlikely as that might sound…



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