Killer Crocodile (1989)

So you’re in a swamp (on some unspecified tropical island) which is strewn with drums of toxic and nuclear waste, and you find a monstrous crocodile which is probably some sort of mutant… And your immediate response — after it eats one of your friends — is to try to keep everyone from killing the […]

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The Block Island Sound (2020)

It’s hard to know where to begin with this one. Which is actually a good thing. The Block Island Sound is a very curious sort of film, one that doesn’t neatly fall into any of our expected categories. Harry’s father, Tom, has been acting very strangely. Harry thinks he’s getting senile, and has been hiding […]

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Omega Doom (1996)

A mysterious stranger drifts into a little town controlled by two rival gangs who reached an uneasy truce.  Before long, he’s manipulated the gangs into fighting each other… If you’re thinking this sounds somewhat…familiar, there is a reason for this: It is. Now it should take long to figure out that this is a version […]

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Mulberry St (2006)

(Mild Spoilers Ahead) I was watching this one with an old friend, and the conversation went something like this: “I thought this was about rats.  It’s just zombies.” “No,” I corrected him, “they’re supposed to be rat mutants.” And, after a while, they pulled out the stops on the makeup and the creatures definitely did […]

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Mount Adams (2021)

“No extraterrestrial creatures were harmed in the making of this film.” It’s a familiar setup. We have a team of investigators who make documentaries about the Paranormal (not that any of them really believe in the things they are investigating!), who decide that their next project will be about the various strange sightings surrounding Mount […]

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Sci-fighters (1996)

Let’s face it, the high point of this direct to video movie is the presence of “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. I’ll confess, I’ve liked his screen persona since I saw him in John Carpenter’s great paranoid thriller, They Live!  Which, I suppose is what we expect from an Action hero, not that they are great actors, […]

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Trucks (1997)

Can you say “knock-off?” Sometimes you wonder why anyone bothered to make these things.  I mean, it had only been eleven years since Stephen King directed his own version of his short story, “Trucks”.  And we all know how much mockery Maximum Overdrive got. Yeah, I know that I’m in that minority which actually likes […]

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The Quatermass Xperiment (1955)

(aka, The Creeping Unknown) “Let me tell you something, Blake: they’ll fire the imagination so there’ll be a hundred men begging for the same privilege when we launch the second one.  You can’t stop it now.” “You mean I can’t stop you now.” “That’s right.” It starts with nervous violins playing against a dark sky. […]

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