Bog (1979)

It just keeps happening. And it’s always in those slow little places deep in the country. You know how it goes.  A horrible monster rises from the swamps and starts killing everyone. What’s more, it’s actually immune to bullets.  Like all these creatures are. Although what is curious, for a film made in 1979, is […]

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Dead Drift (2016)

Ever watch something and get the distinct impression that they were making it up as they went along? Or perhaps it might be closer to say, a distinct impression that they were making it up as they went along for the first few episodes and then sort of hurried up and tried to tie everything […]

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Star Hunter (1996)

You don’t get any more basic than this. We’ve got the usual teenagers whose bus breaks down in a bad neighborhood. Unfortunately, it’s even worse than they think. An alien hunter has trapped them inside some old warehouses surrounded by a forcefield while his partner — an unstoppable Terminator sort of alien monster — tracks […]

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Monster Force Zero (2019)

Fanboys. This is a movie for Fanboys, about Fanboys and by Fanboys. And it never really tries to be much more than that. It is every fanboys dream:  “A.I” Cashill created his own self-published comic book with the help of his friends, and they’ve all gone to a big Sci Fi convention to promote their […]

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Automation (2019)

Poor Auto. He’s not working as well as he used to.  His battery is failing and a lot of his functions aren’t available any more.  It needs replaced and he’s been promised a new one, but it never seems to come. Unfortunately, he doesn’t realize that there is no battery coming.  He’s now obsolete and […]

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