Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe (1990)

The one thing I learned from this movie is that I don’t recognize Jesse Ventura without his mustache.

Everything else about it I know.

Galactic Police officer chases rogue officer.


Super soldiers.


Alien impregnation followed by rapid birth of the child.


Agent sent to keep a woman and her son safe from the dangerous enemy out to kill the boy.


The boy with incredible mental powers.


And don’t thin we’ve forgotten that all time classic:  the child who can change the fate of the whole world.

Check, check and check.

Pretty much everything else in here is action film nonsense.  Oh, and a guy who sounds a lot like Arnold Schwarzenegger and his Austrian accent is the villain of the piece (he even looks a bit like today’s old, bearded Arnie).

The good news is that now you really don’t need to watch this one anymore (not that I’m sure you ever did).

Unless, that is, you want to see Jesse without his mustache.

(available for free on Tubi)

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