Mutant Hunt (1987)

So, we’re going to hire a mercenary to hunt down some…ummmmmm…“Mutant Androids” that are ten times stronger than a normal man, so naturally we’re going to hire the guy who is going to fight them with…

His bare hands.

I suppose it would make more sense if you knew this one was directed by Tim Kincaid, who also brought us Robot Holocaust, a film which is both dull and seriously weird.

Sadly, Mutant Hunt never aspires to the same levels of bone-headed weirdness. Not that it doesn’t have its moments, like the basic notion that androids can mutate and become all gross-looking. Or that a street drug can turn them into super soldiers. Or those silly “Stretch Armstrong” android arms that can extend to about, oh, twenty feet. Or that you can recognize androids by their blue jumpsuits, dark glasses and bad haircuts.

It does try to make us feel a shred of sympathy for one of the “mutants,” but the thing is grotesquely damaged — and rather obviously a very poor puppet — that this never had much chance of working.

This is basically a martial arts film with endless fight scenes and only a few ray guns and explosions. I’ve seen worse bad films — like Robot Holocaust — but that isn’t necessarily a good thing. After all, at least his other film had deadly sock puppet monsters, the World’s most annoying robot buddy, a seriously strange villain, and one of the most awful femme fatale accents ever.

So file this one under “watch at your own risk: Danger of terminal boredom.”

After all, it just isn’t bad enough.

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