Alabama’s Ghost (1973)

Honorable Mention (Well, some of it is Sci Fi..)

This is a totally bizarre, silly, and  wild little film.  It seems a shame so few people have heard of it, let alone seen it.

No real summary of the film can do it justice.  A janitor at a Jazz club accidentally discovers a secret trove of magician’s paraphernalia which once belonged to The Great Carter — and his stash of a drug that can be used to control people’s minds.  He sets himself up as Alabama, King of the Cosmos and becomes a huge success.

But little does he realize that he’s actually being used by a gang of vampires as part of a sinister plan to enslave mankind.

So throw in some Nazi Mad Science at the hands of Doctor Caligula, The Great Carter’s ghost, a Vampire conveyor belt assembly line for devouring their victims, a bit of help from a Voodoo priest and a robot double.

And, what’s more, it actually makes sense.  Well, more or less.

Oh, well.  By now you know whether you want to see this Ninety minute serving of weirdness and unfettered imagination.  You won’t find it on DVD or on Streaming.  But you will find it on Youtube.

Yeah, the print is terrible.  But if anything, that only makes a piece of psychotronic nonsense like this more fun.

So watch it.  If you dare.



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