Protopartículas [Protoparticles](2009)

It is one of those images you just can’t forget once you’ve seen it: a man in some sort of space suit, taking out the trash on an ordinary city street.

And it is the very first image that Chema Garcia Ibarra offers us in Protopartículas.

What we have here is another brilliant minimalist Black and White short from the director of the equally witty and minimal The Attack Of The Robots From Nebula-5.  A bold experiment in space goes very, very wrong, leaving our nameless hero in a curious predicament, far from home, in the wrong time, and in a world which is far different from his own.

It’s a lovely short film, and yet another potent reminder that talent and creativity matter more when it come to film than flashy effects, color or lots of money.

Not bad for a seven minute film you can watch for free!



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