Missing Pages (2006)

The French Nouvelle Vague short film, La Jetee, occupies an interesting place in science fiction cinema. It is hailed as a great art film and formal experiment — and yet at the same time it is held to be a SF classic. There are only a few films you can say that about. It uses […]

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Terra Formars (2016)

Michael Medved once said that the most difficult part of being a film critic was staying awake. When you see as many films as a professional critic, after all, most of them would start looking very, very familiar.  Oh, wow.  Another RomCom where the girl reconnects with an old flame.  It’s a professional hazard. Michael […]

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The Angry Red Planet (1959)

It’s funny how things work. I didn’t think much of this one the first time I saw it, liked it the second time, and this time around… Well, I guess I find myself on the fence. Now I’ll admit one does not expect a lot from any film from the team of producer Sidney Pink […]

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Sand Serpents (2009)

The word here is “routine.”  After all, it’s from the SyFy network. Okay, I’ll admit it, we do find the odd SyFy offering which proves to be something special.  Well, at least we used to.  I’m not sure that’s as true as it once was, when they would go out and buy some Indie film […]

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