Not Like Us (1995)


This was one of that package of films Roger Corman produced for Showtime back in the Nineties.

Most of these (naturally, as he already owned the rights) were retreads of some of his great films from his early days.  And, despite the new title and the storyline that sounds, well, new, this is yet another retread.  It’s just a little less obvious.

So we  have a young woman who’s stuck in a small town and bored, who makes friends with the new people in town.  Unfortunately, she doesn’t realize that her new best friend is an alien from outer space who is here to experiment on human beings.

As this one was for Showtime, they threw in enough nudity, sex, language and, of course at least one explosion, to cover the fact that it is so familiar.

And yet the truly strange part about this one is that Roger actually made a version of the original for Showtime under its own name!

The original Not of This Earth was one of Roger’s best early films with a clever story and a touch of black humor:  this version reduced it to a lame comedy with just enough naked boobs to convince the viewer he was getting his money’s worth, paying for a premium cable channel.

Frankly, I’m not sure which one of the two Showtime versions was better, as I haven’t seen the official one with Michael York.  There’s even a second official remake made almost a decade earlier with Traci Lords which also bogs down in bare bosoms — I’m inclined to give this one the edge, but it’s a close call — but neither one even begins to measure up to the classic.

So, if you haven’t seen it yet, go find the original Not of This Earth instead.

And, even though you can find this one for free on Youtube, it would still be a good idea to watch the original even if you have seen it before.


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