Battle Bots (2018)

This is Mark Polonia’s take on the Giant Robot movie. Maybe. I have to say “maybe” because it really isn’t clear that the robots are giant… For those who haven’t encountered them before, the Polonia Brothers were one of the strangest success stories of the direct to video market, where they churned out a stunning […]

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Hotel Artemis (2018)

There’s been a lot of debate over the years about what is — and isn’t — science fiction. One of the tests someone proposed along the line is to remove the science fictional elements and see if you’ve changed the story.  This is actually a fairly useful test, as it nicely distinguishes between, say, the […]

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Monsters, Inc. (2001)

Monsters, Inc. is a science fiction film. There, I said it. I’m sure that it would come as no surprise if I called Monsters, Inc. one of the best children’s films ever made, or one of the best animated films, or best Disney films, or one of Pixar’s greatest accomplishments. But a science fiction film? Now, […]

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