Resolution (2012)

Honorable Mention

This is one of those films that attracted a lot of attention on the Indie circuit, yet never really got the wider audience it deserved.

It’s good enough — and so closely linked to another film they made — that it gets a mention here, even if it seems unlikely that it is science fiction…

Although even that is far from certain.

This was the first film made by the writing/directing/acting team of Moorhead and Benson (Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson), who have since gone on to direct the relationship/horror/sf film Spring, and the incredible, genre-defying The Endless.  It is also one of those films that defies easy description:  a young man decides to cure his best friend of his drug problem, by chaining him up in the cabin he’s squatting in, and forcing him to get sober.

That sounds like an outrageous enough situation, one most young directors would have felt was enough in itself for a film, but not Moorhead and Benson, who put that cabin in a strange desert area, where there are countless stories about aliens and UFOs, an Indian reservation, a Flying Saucer cult, a strange collection of weirdos and misfits, talk of ghosts and gateways to hell…

And something else, that seems to be watching them…

Those who’ve seen The Endless will recognize the situation — and Peter Cilella and Vinny Curran play the characters in both films.  In fact, the unseen thing also appears in both films (although I’m not sure Moorhead and Benson are playing the same characters, even if the first names are the same).

I’m even less sure of what this film is than I was of The Endless — it may have many of the same elements, and the same story (more or less) may be playing out in both films, but it doesn’t skew as obviously towards science fiction, and seems to suggest that its unseen presence is supernatural.  Nor does it fit into any traditional model for horror.

But then, that’s what makes this one a great film, that it does so much on its tiny budget, without doing much of anything at all.  There are hints, threats of violence, and library books; lots of photographs, an inexplicable e-mail, and countless other strange and quirky details.

It’s an impressive first effort, and, one hopes, the start of a long film career.

And yes, definitely worth seeing, whether it is science fiction or not.

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