Bloggers (2017)

If you really want to know what’s worth seeing in the world of independent SF film, the best place to start looking is usually at the SciFi London Festival.   It’s been around for a long time now, and they’ve debuted quite a few interesting films, like Splice, 28 Days Later, Stingray Sam, Cyborg She, Avalon, La Hora Fria, and […]

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Ready Player One (2018)

I’ll have to confess to a major disappointment here.  After hearing it used so effectively in the trailers, I really, really wanted to hear Rush’s song “Tom Sawyer” when the rows of identical videogame warriors known as the Sixers get into their identical cars in lockstep. Oh well. The whole story of how this film […]

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Zone 39 (1996)

Despite the small size of their film industry, Australia has turned out a surprising number of interesting SF films.  While this obviously has a lot to do with Mad Max, the harsh terrain of much of the Island continent does lend itself nicely to post-Apocalyptic futures.  Which is more or less what we have here. […]

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