Death Machine (1994)

I’ve added a new film to my list of best Alien ripoffs. But it isn’t a movie I’ve never seen before.  Instead, it’s a film I saw a few years ago and loved. I just never thought of how much it owed to Alien before (and probably wouldn’t have, if I hadn’t seen this article). […]

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Cutie Honey: Tears (2016)

It’s called “cognitive dissonance.” That’s the only phrase that begins to describe the sensation when you find a bleak film set in a dystopian future which is called “Cutie Honey.”  There’s something seriously wrong about the whole notion. In fact, “Cutie”  started out as the prototypical “magical girl” manga by Go Nagai, best known as […]

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Bite Me! (2004)

It’s one of those urban legends that’s been around forever. Supposedly the government created a super strain of Marijuana:  someone stole it and secretly leaked it to the public. Like any good conspiracy theory, it really isn’t clear why they’d develop it, although one hears talk of it being used to track drug trafficking, or even worse, that they laced […]

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