Fatal Sky [Project Alien] (1990)

You have to wonder if a movie can suffer from an identity crisis.

Here we have what is usually labeled as an Australian film, which was filmed in Yugoslavia, set in Norway (with a scene or two shot there), and has American stars.

Mind you, that’s probably the most interesting thing about this one.  It’s rather familiar, with an investigator trying to find out what happened to the pilot of an airplane that crashed after encountering some unknown flying thing.

Mind you, we see it onscreen and it looks like a big meteorite bursting in mid-air, so we are suspicious of the UFO talk, although we do also see weird, silvery figures marching through the woods, automated medical equipment administering injections, and get some talk about a swarm of mysterious insects biting people and infecting them with a nasty disease (not that we ever get an explanation for that one…).

But before we’re done, they do manage to get in the talk of Government conspiracies (heck, even better, Military cover ups!) and secret facilities we’ve been expecting:  after all, they made this one in the Nineties!

In fact, everything about this one is pretty routine, even the ending we’ve been expecting for most of the film.  And if you have any trouble figuring out what it might be, let’s just say it’s pretty much the same as that of Robert Urich’s Endangered Species from back in 1982.

In fact, the only real surprise here is that it was written by David Webb Peoples, who wrote screenplays for such films as Blade Runner, Twelve Monkeys, and Unforgiven.  It leaves you wondering just what happened.

Oh well.  At least he wrote it under an alias.

But that isn’t exactly a surprise..

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