The Day Time Ended (1979)

The biggest problem with this one is that there just isn’t enough to it.

That may seem a strange thing to say about a movie that features giant stop-motion alien monsters battling it out with each other; lots of alien spaceships in a dazzling number of designs; a “flying vacuum cleaner” drone; tiny leaping aliens; a gleaming crystal city; a junkyard full of vehicles from past, present and future; and countless flying lights, glowing vortexes, alien planets and moons.  However, the problem is that the story holding it all together is rather slight.

A family, takes a vacation in their new, modern, solar-powered house, just as a strange cosmic event takes place and they find themselves facing all sorts of creepy weirdness as they end up in a strange time-space warp.

And that’s about it.

There are a lot of familiar names attached to this, including two of the better post-Harryhausen stop motion artists, Jim Danforth and David Allen;  a pre-Full Moon Charles Band producing (and a score by his father Richard); and John “Bud” Cardos in the director’s chair just two years after his most highly regarded film, Kingdom of the Spiders.

The effects are dazzling, particularly for a low-budget 1979 film.  They definitely make The Day Time Ended more than worth a watch.  However, I have to wonder whether the special effects technicians on this one simply pasted together whatever they had on their demo reels, just as Don Dohler used the monsters created by his friends at Cinemagic in The Alien Factor.  

Unfortunately, this  is one of those films that doesn’t hold up well on a second viewing, where the general lack of a story drags it down.  There are a few good moments, like a time warp moment towards the end, but the film really doesn’t have much of an ending.

Just a quick “…and they lived happily ever after…”


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