The Awakened (2009)

A farmer digs up an alien spaceship, and before you know it, vicious aliens are running about, killing people and generally making a nuisance of themselves.  A small group of survivors hole up in a small house and try to find some way to escape…

Let’s face it:  it’s very familiar territory.

Curiously, despite all the hype about a major FX house creating them, the creatures themselves look more like something we might have seen on the original Star Trek back in the Sixties.  Okay, they get credit for not giving us yet another retread of Alien‘s Xenomorphs — and it is hard to make a guy in a suit look like something other than a guy in a suit — but these aliens just aren’t distinctive enough to  stand out.

Robert Picardo shows up as a government bureaucrat in charge of covering up events like this one and has little to do (although he does get one good moment at the end).

For those hoping for a bit of gore, there really isn’t much, except for one particularly gruesome death.  But at least it is the one character we’ve been waiting to see killed.  I guess that helps.

It’s mostly tense, and there’s a bit of action, although the “Men in Black” subplot never amounts to much of anything (I wonder if they stuck it in later as a way to get Picardo into the movie?)

Oh well.  It’s not horrible.  You could do worse.  A lot worse.

Or you could just watch Predator again.

Your call.

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