Insecticidal (2005)

So, we’ve got your basic cheap video horror.

You know the sort of thing:  sorority girls, lots of bare boobs, partying, sex, hot tubs, enthusiastic lesbian kissing, over-aged college students, more shower scenes than you can count, buckets of gore, and an impressive body count.

But instead of some routine masked slasher of the “Cinderhella” variety, we have giant bugs.  And a vague scientific explanation involving reactivating long dormant recessive insect genes from the prehistoric past.  And some sort of “insect bacteria” that infects one of the characters.  And lots of CGI.

It has a certain amount of humor, some of which actually works, a deliberate Psycho reference (to the shower scene, naturally!), a creative use for a blender, and, of course, giant insects. Lots of them. Somewhat stiff and unconvincing, yes, but giant insects.

And that’s about it.  It really doesn’t distinguish itself from its less-CGI heavy cheap horror brethren, or do more than meet our expectations for a cheap, exploitation horror film.

It’s basically routine. Enjoyable, mostly, but routine.

And that’s about it.


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